Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Top 4 Go Karts to choose from

Are you planning to purchase a sturdy and reasonable go kart ? Here we list out the go karts with powerful engine specifications.

This Go Kart comes up with 80cc engine capacity and with a shaft drive transmission. The internal combustion engine is powered with 4-stroke and 1-cylinder automatic. The brake system is engineered with a hydraulic disc. The engine of this go kart has powerful thrust capacity which pushes it to the speed of 25km/h i.e 15mph. The fuel tank capacity of this go kart is 0.34Gal (1.3L).

If you are hovering here and there for a reasonable scooter then quickly grab this TaoTao 110cc auto-w-reverse scooter. This one is not only cost effective but is also attractive in terms of look. The engine capacity of this scooter comes up with 110CC air cooled engine with 1-cylinder and automatic with reverse start. The braking system of this scooter is powered by hydraulic disc with the max loading of 132lbs.

This 2 seater go kart has an engine capacity of 110cc. The engineering design of this go kart is single cylindrical with 4-stroke air cooled capacity and comes with automatic transmission. The ignition system of this scooter is electric CDI ( Capacitor discharge ignition ). The braking system is powered by hydraulic disks with a horsepower of 6.2/7500 with top speed of 31.1mph. The total weight capacity of this scooter is 31.1mph.

This TaoTao jeep go kart auto comes with reverse capability and with the high power throttle limiter. The wheel size dimension of the front and rear is 19x7-8  18x9.5-8. This go kart can run with the top speed of 35mph along with the reverse auto transmission. The seat to pedal measures 31”-34”.

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