Wednesday, 16 November 2016

3 things you need to know before buying a trike motorcycle

Purchasing a trike motorcycle has never been easy as various mechanical specifications and specimens are to be considered before purchasing it. Here we have extracted the top 3 points to be considered before making a move to purchase a trike motorcycle.

Ride controlling panel at your fingertips

Every trike has different designing pattern to handle the inconsistent riding situations. Ride handling skills varies when riding solely compared to riding with a passenger, hauling a trailer or with added trunk cargo. You should select a trike that has the potency to manoeuvre safely in all situations. 360 powersports privileged air ride suspension gives you this type of control at your fingertips. You can easily tune the suspension of your vehicle on-the-fly to set your riding conditions.

Introspectively designed individualistic rear suspension

The comfort of rideability comes from superior riding experience, the adrenaline rush and the feel of excitement while riding a trike which is mechanically termed as Cadillac. The independent rear suspension is designed with unimpaired engineering and the biggest planning to give you a perfect ride. Choose a trike with a suspension which is almost perfect designed. Each and every designing pattern of 360 powersports is built considering all the inconsistencies of each section of the road. Trikes from 360 powersports are designed in a way to deliver quality riding experiences irrespective of the terrain.

Accurate wheelbase and track width

The accurate width of the track helps in delivering a joyous riding experience. Fetch the perfect one and you will have a supple machine that can manoeuvre each and every corner of the road or turn on a dime during wild cruising through the streets of the city. We at 360powersports have undergone ultimate changes required to optimize the wheelbase. Our patented independent rear suspension is highly characterised to deliver exciting riding experience which is very well designed to handle the wheelbase and the width of the track we have chosen. Don’t you choose the trike which is broad and bigger in terms of capacity instead go for the one that is perfectly crafted to move on any terrain and the one which still empowers you to have a group ride without occupying the entire lane.

How does 360powersports manage all the above three trike buying points? Visit our 360powersports page to find it out.

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