Thursday, 26 October 2017

Providing The Guide To Maintain Your Tricycle In A Good State

Before you kickstart your tricycle for the first ride, check for the below points :

Run a check to ensure that all the body parts of your tricycle is perfectly assembled and are not fitted in a loose fashion. Make sure that the integrity of the components like handlebar, saddle, wheels and paddles is thoroughly maintained. If you have haven’t done uptil now, then adjust the saddle and the paddle to your convenience level. The next thing to check is the grip level of the brake and the existing conditions of the tyre. Worn and torn out rubber tires are the main cause of accident. Inflate tyres with the help of pressure gauge for smooth and efficient ride. During the process of transition, examine the tightness of the nuts and bolts.

Here we elaborate the steps for the maintenance of your tricycle for longer endurance :

Trikes for sale from usually demands low service maintenance and have high endurance rate, so that the rider can experience smooth and hassle free ride. Customers who have bought trikes from 360 powersports have posted positive review regarding the condition of the vehicle. In order to keep the condition of your trike in a robust state, here we populates some extra tips that you need to reinforce in a specific duration of time :

Grease your chain - Chain is the fundamental mechanical component responsible for driving your trike in motion. Periodic application of grease will increase the efficiency of your trike to a greater extent. You don’t need to disassemble the entire chain system, instead you just need to grab a toothbrush, sponge and lube to impart a glossy look.

Wheel alignment - Invert the entire bike and check the balance of the rode connecting the wheels. Rotate the wheels and if they wobble then you need to perform some kind of alignment to ensure that the integrity level is maintained. If you’re an amateur in doing such kind of things, then we strongly encourage you to approach a mechanic who will undertake this alignment task at just a mere fee.

Keep your bike under roof - Placing your bike in a safer place i.e away from direct sunlight, dust, storm and rain water will help in preserving its good look.

Service your bike - Regular servicing is crucial to maintain a healthy state of any vehicle. Trikes which are regularly serviced have found to have a low breakdown rate.

Brake System - Worn brake pad reduces the efficiency of the brake which in turn takes substantial amount of time period to bring the vehicle under control especially in case of emergency. If the braking system does not seem apt, then you should kindly approach a mechanic to get it done.

Tyre pressure - The rolling speed of your trike is absolutely dependent on the inflation level of your tyre. Wheels with low air volume, demands high push which in turn puts the engine on load. Too much air can burst your tyre into pieces.

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