Saturday, 18 March 2017

Hawk 250 shifter Upgradation

Here we represent the quick and easy way to upgrade the shifter on hawk 250 bike. The stock shifter that comes embedded in the bike functions well, but there is one complications aroused in the case if you intend to take the bike off-road. The main reason behind it is that the stock shifter is solid and doesn’t include a breakaway hinge in case you run into something like a branch or rock on the ground. This could lead to a series of issues ranging from breaking the shifter to knocking the rider off the bike.

The MSR folding shift lever fits the bike with no real issue although there is one crucial point to consider behind it. The shift lever is upheld with a 10mm bolt and the position of the stock lever is positioned on the bottom, making it easy to get to and ensuring there is plenty of room for movement. However, it is the top position where the MSR bolt is been placed. It is not more a perfect placement, but you can get it nevertheless. The difficult action being faced is removing the bolt completely and using a flathead screwdriver to pry the clamping mechanism apart a bit on the end.

You need to check the angle before putting the new shift lever on, as there is a very small window wherein you can shift up and down, and also get the bolt on top to clear the space. It has been found a quite similarity with the two shifters which is not worth the upgrade for any reason other than to have the folding action on the MSR. Don’t you think it’s a cheap enough upgrade. 

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